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We provide home inspection services to Zachery, LA, residents who are buying or selling homes. At Root Home Inspection, we aim to help people gain an understanding of the condition of their property so that they can make informed decisions about its purchase or sale. Our home inspectors have the expertise to thoroughly inspect your house and let you know what repairs are needed.

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Home inspections can reveal important information about the condition of your home—or any other property. They can help you negotiate a better deal or decide whether renovations are necessary before purchasing. We have inspected hundreds of homes and buildings in the area, helping countless clients with our outstanding services. No matter what type of property you need to inspect—residential or commercial—we’re there for you. Our building inspectors have extensive experience, and we do mold testing! We provide detailed reports so you can make informed decisions about the property. Our inspectors are highly trained and certified, with years of experience. We use the latest technology and building materials to provide you with accurate reports.

Our home inspector in Zachery, LA, can give you peace of mind about your property. Reach out to us today!

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